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Words matters

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Where walls between the sales department, marketing and public relations have already been demolished, you will find the most successful companies.

Why? – Mr. Jan H. Kalvik, Founder and Managing director of Kalvik Communication in Norway – serving customers on a broad international basis, reveals his opinion.

The communication process between companies, consumers and business partners has changed dramatically over the last decades. And this is only the beginning.
The answer is quite easy to understand. The winning teams understand that to reach the buyer and get the contract, full attention is needed. Today your products and services must be visible in more media channels, especially editorial magazines, radio, and television. The good news is that the cost will remain approximately the same, while sales increase and the company builds a better image through editorial coverage.

This is our speciality. The good old advertising, but with new ideas and strategies, will always play an important role. We coordinate our efforts with your marketing department to gain synergies. For some, it is tough to hear that the times are changing, my job is to personally participate in meetings with negative people and stick my finger in their eyes and make them wake up.

First, we do not take ourselves too seriously. But we take every mission very personally.

After an introduction with a new client, we have a meeting where we find out what we can do for you if we can do this for you, and finally – if the cooperation spirit is present.

New clients must represent products or services that benefit society. If that is so, the client is regarded as a friend and a part of the team.

We present our full spectre of services, from investigating what the company has or has not done in the last period, where money has been wasted and finding which holes can be blocked and which roads to use in the next period.
We work closely with gentlemen, and women of the press.

After years as editor-in-chief of relevant magazines and skills in building relations, our network is excellent. And in countries where we today do not have this strength, we make it happen.

We reach out with positive stories through daily newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts and sometimes television. Exactly how we do this is different from case to case. Arranging press seminars can be efficient.
Revitalizing of homepages and production of corporate videos are also positive for branding the company and give good vibrations, but the most important is what reach directly to your customers through their favourite magazine or newspaper or website/blog.
To find the best solutions is what we love to do. And we have fun doing it. We do not just spend hours in the office to finance our free time.